May 17, 2017 Anna Beltrametti

Fears that stop women from booking a photoshoot

Top 5 fears of photoshoots

Let’s face it, women are very hard on themselves when it comes to their appearance, no matter what their age is. I know as I’m hard on myself too.  I don’t like the bags under my eyes due to lack of sleep, the acne scars on my cheeks an inheritance from my teenage years, and the appearing wrinkles on my face (I’m 32 by the way).

We all have something we are not happy about, right? For some women it’s easier to accept the changes in their body for others it’s not. But even though I’m not happy with the certain aspects of myself I still like being photographed under controlled lighting conditions.

I made a deal with my husband Mike. Every year on my birthday he is going to photograph me in the studio. That way we can capture the changes in my appearance throughout the years. 🙂 It will be interesting to go through those photos when we are old.

We photograph a lot of women and all of them have some insecurities. I’ve prepared a list of the top five reasons why women avoid professional photographers or cameras all together and how we help them overcome their barriers.

 The most common fears of photoshoots are:

  1. “I’m not photogenic”. We hear this a lot. When you show women nice photos of other women their first reaction is “Beautiful but I will never look like that!”

    My answer to this is; there is no such thing as being unphotogenic. Anyone can look amazing under the right circumstances. And those specific conditions are totally under the control of the photographer and his team -the makeup artist, the hair stylist and the photography assistant who happens to be me. I’m also the in-house stylist who will be guiding you on all the relevant issues before the shoot.

    Being photogenic is something that can be manufactured and it starts with the right wardrobe. No matter how uncouth or stylish you are in real life, when it comes to photography certain things need to be taken into consideration. For instance, plain colors look best in photos. Body hugging garments enhance the S-curve of the female form and work beautifully on skinny and curvy ladies. These are the things I will talk to you about and we will discuss during the initial in person consultation.

    The great wardrobe needs to be complemented by beautiful hair and makeup. We have a makeup guide in the studio for you to choose from but hair is probably the most important part of the equation. Great hair makes any woman look glamorous even with simple makeup.

    The final part of making you look your best (and definitely photogenic) happens during the shoot. Mike uses posing and lighting techniques (some of which I discuss in the next sections) to bring out the best in each woman. The relaxed atmosphere of our little heritage listed studio will put you at ease. And when you are relaxed you connect a lot better with the photographer, that connection is vital and makes for a great photograph.

  2. “I need to lose weight” is another common reason why women don’t want to be photographed. With the right posing, lighting and a bit of post editing curvy women look great on photos too.

    I’m going to shed some light on the tricks we use to slim curvy women on photos.

    One of the things we do is pose bigger women on a 45-90 degree angle to the camera. That technique alone slims down the body straight away. Also leaning women with their upper body towards the camera and dropping the front shoulder down changes the perspective and evens the proportions. In camera the parts of the body that are further away seem smaller.

    Photographing plus sized women at or above eye level and having them tilt the head slightly downward slims their jaw line and, at the same time, the eyes appear bigger.

    Using body hugging clothes (as mentioned above) is important for bigger women too as we want to enhance those gorgeous curves or put them in perspective.

    Props are also a great way to cover some parts of the body that you want to hide. We can use shawls, scarves, hats, jewelry and other things you might have a liking for.

    And of course we use crops and some slight editing after the shoot to enhance certain things that we couldn’t fix with the techniques described above.

    Here is the link to a good article that I found  – “10 steps to posing curvy women – no Photoshop required”. If you are like me and understand the concepts better visually you will enjoy reading this article as it has a few photos illustrating the techniques that we use. You can try these while photographing your family or friends or even on yourself.

  3. “I’m camera shy” or “I get stage fright”. It’s normal for everyone to feel that way but as soon as the camera starts clicking the fear washes away.

    We see it all the time. There is always some tension on women’s faces when the shoot begins and by the time the session is over the women are all at ease and relaxed. That is the reason why Mike picks the best photos from the session starting from the end of the shoot. This is where the best shots are!

    To make you feel more comfortable we offer champagne to relax your nerves and music of your choice to listen to during your photoshoot session. We also chat with you and have a few laughs. So don’t stress, you are not alone!

  4. “I don’t have adequate wardrobe”. If you are worried about your wardrobe, borrow some clothes from your friends, hire, buy or have it tailor made depending on your budget.

    The thing is you do not need an elaborate wardrobe to do a photoshoot. Simple garments that look great on you will work a treat. Of course if you are tired of your old clothes and would like something new (I know how much women enjoy new outfits) then start looking around. Ask your friends if you could borrow some nice clothes from them, hire from a few shops in Perth (just google “clothes hire places in Perth” and a few companies will come up), buy in-store or online or, if you are very particular about what you want, have your garment tailor made.

    If you want to find some classics or some retro items don’t forget to check out second-hand stores . You’ll be surprised to know how many photographers find clothes at second-hand stores like Salvos for their projects.

  5.  “It is out of my price range”. If money is your concern we have a couple of solutions for you.

    The first one is to pay the photos off over a period of a few months. We all find the money for what we really want. I’ve spent years paying off things I could not really afford but just had to have.

    The second option is to book a mini session that lasts 30 minutes. We have set dates and locations when on the same day between 10 and 12 clients come with their hair and makeup done and each shoots for 30 minutes with one change of clothes. For $350 you get six professionally retouched photos on a USB. This is the only time (at this stage) that we offer digital files on their own for sale. To learn more just contact Mike on 0401 849 596, send us an e-mail to or fill out this contact form.

Hope this article helped you in some way. If you fear something that I haven’t mentioned here please let me know by commenting below. I would like to know your thoughts!

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