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Glamour photography Perth – the very best of you captured on camera

 Imagine being able to see yourself in a completely different light – a “you” that you did not know even existed!

I specialise in creating an image that captures everything that is beautiful about your appearance through the use of a series of magical techniques that have powerful slimming effects and disguise any flaws. These techniques are subtle and the end result will not look visibly touched up or altered.

Do you find yourself admiring incredible shots of stunning, model-like women in magazines and feeling utterly convinced you could never look as beautiful and relaxed in front of the camera as that? Do you ever pour over photographs over yourself when you were younger and crave that slimmer, younger, fresher you that you fear could never be recaptured? Or perhaps you have simply convinced yourself you are not photogenic? Believe me, this is the biggest untruth ever and absolutely everyone can look as though they belong in front of the camera during and after one of our photoshoots.

The beauty of our glamour photography is that we can essentially reverse time, shed kilos when desired and create a series of photographs that fully reflect all that is beautiful about your face and body. I offer contemporary, fashion inspired glamour portraits that are perfectly suited for women of all ages, sizes and shapes. Please read our blog post on the  top five fears that stop women from booking a professional photoshoot and you’ll quickly realise all your fears are unfounded.

My goal is to give every woman one day to be a star, a Vogue cover girl experience or even a Victoria’s Secret model and to capture that moment forever. Thanks to my skills and experience in this field I can achieve the impossible and create a look you had only ever dreamt of, but one that looks perfectly natural.

Our lives seem to get increasingly hectic, with so little times to nurture ourselves. So many mothers are especially conscious of their bodies after having babies but thanks to glamour photography, we can use incredibly clever lighting and posing tricks to capture the most stunning version of yourself you have ever seen. Plus thanks to a little clever post shoot editing, we can subtly slimline profiles and capture only those curves you love to see.

I can show you how truly gorgeous you are. It doesn’t matter if you are a young lady blossoming into the world, a busy mum that finds it hard to find time for herself, a mature woman at the height of her powers or anyone else in between. Together with the help of my team I will create a series of stunning, captivating images that are artfully lit, flattering and something you will be proud to share with your friends and family.

We promise you will be blown away by the results.

Let’s chat! (obligation free)

The key to a successful glamour photoshoot is careful preparation and I can talk you through the process – the most flattering cuts and styles of clothes to wear, which colours will work best for you on camera and accessories that will enhance the end look. I am so passionate about the importance of the pre-shoot I offer a no-obligation, one hour free consultation. During this relaxed chat I try to find out the real essence of who you are, your favourite styles of clothes and how and where you would like to be photographed. Remember, this is your special day so you literally choose the shots and let us work our magic.

With these and many other questions answered, I offer a fully guided photoshoot either in my heritage listed studio or at location of your choice. Remember, this is your special day so you literally choose the shots and let us work our magic.

During the initial consultation we will also discuss our wide range of prices, packages and products as we always want to work within your budget. If you have a particular product in mind I want to make sure that I shoot specifically for that.

If you would like to book a consultation fill out the “Design your glamour photography session” form and I’ll get back to you promptly.

 Let’s get the camera to work!

The main aim of your glamour photography photoshoot is making you feel like a star or a princess for the day. We provide a professional hair and makeup artist, delicious drinks, tasty hors d’oeuvres and music of your choice. If you would like a glass of wine or champagne or two during your shoot to help you relax, that’s fine.

I want you to feel so chilled out and happy, your shoot is a precious and memorable event you will cherish for a lifetime.

As part of our process of creating the best ever you, I encourage my clients to bring up to five different outfits they love and feel comfortable in so we can create a variety of looks. When you book a shoot you will get our “Welcome” and “Wardrobe” PDFs which include a Style Guide, Checklist, Products and Pricelist.

Reveal the beauty!

A week or two after your glamour photoshoot you will be invited to a reveal session, during which you will view and physically hold up to 30 beautiful images of yourself. It is easier for our clients to make selections this way as opposed to a cinematic viewing when customers view one photo at a time. This again is a relaxed process and we give you all the time you need to pick the photos you’re most drawn to.

I don’t employ salespeople and never put pressure on my clients to buy more products (I’ve heard the horror stories!). There is also NO minimum purchase. My aim is to make it a very pleasant and relaxing experience for you from start to finish. You simply select  the photos you love the most and walk away to enjoy your artworks for a lifetime.

I believe that every woman should have an incredible folio of beautiful images of herself that she and future generations will admire and cherish.  Design your glamour photography Perth WA  session today or call 0401 849 569 to enquire more.