Fine Art Portraiture

Art photography Perth

Are you interested in Art photography for yourself? My favourite branch of photography is Fine Art Portraiture as it really let’s me be as creative as I want to be.

Preparation first

I love the preparation process when we work together with the client on the story-board and see our vision take shape.

Firstly, we sit down together and hash out what concept we want. Is it ice-princess with furs and glorious white icicle crown? Or is it a fairy of the forest with autumn colours dominating? Or maybe an old masterpiece re-created? The possibilities are endless and our imagination is the only limit. Two minds are better than one, therefore there is no reason not to nail your vision to the T.

Secondly, once we have a concept we work out our colour palette, makeup, accessories, clothes, location, timing etc.

To catch up for a free, no-obligation consultation please fill out our “Design your portrait session” form and we will get back to you promptly.


Photoshoot sessions are great fun! Finally we get to set everything up as per our vision. It is exciting to work with the lighting and props on location or in the studio to achieve the mood and look we’re after. You will enjoy being part of it! To make your experience with us more memorable we offer drinks, hors d’oeuvres and music of your choice during your photoshoot session.

Post production and viewing

I really enjoy the post production process when I get to see my work as we imagined it. Choosing my favourite images and working on them is also very rewarding. Showing the final product to the client for the first time is pure magic! At you viewing session you will have an opportunity to choose the products and packages that you would like to purchase.

Come back and visit my site as every art project will be featured here or call 0401 849 569 to start working on your Fine Art Portraiture project. Thank you for your time!

And here are some inspirations for displaying your artworks. It’s always a good idea to keep the colours and design of your home in mind while getting ready for the photoshoot.