June 17, 2017 Anna Beltrametti

Glamour portraits Perth

Which one is your favourite?

Here are five before/afters we have picked for you to choose from (we shot a lot of young women recently). Comment below with the name of your favourite one. All participants will also be rewarded with a gift voucher that entitles them to a free glamour makeover and a two hour fully guided photoshoot in our heritage listed studio in Midland. Just send us an e-mail to admin@mikebeltrametti.com.au or fill out the contact form and the voucher will be on its way. Thank you in advance for your participation!


Anna is a Polish born Relationship and Contract officer by profession. She has also been acting as a supporting actress in student films, music videos as well as a web series and a charity advert since 2009. Anna gained a series of speaking roles in local independent films too. Doesn’t she look like an actress?

Glamour portraits Perth


Blainy is a young Australian woman with roots in Zimbabwe. She is studying to be a nurse. Love how her makeup matches the blue of the traditional dress and her purple hair!


Jay is a lovely, gorgeous woman and a mother of a beautiful model who happens to be a math genius. She also has a son. Both her children are neuroatypical and very creative. Sorry for the blurry before shot (courtesy of Jay).

Glamour photography Perth WA


We photographed Valerii on a number of occasions. She is an artistic person with many talents amongst which are cooking, baking and painting. She has an eye for detail and decided to do her own makeup for this outdoor glamour shoot.

Glamour photography Perth


Rayana is from Sudan and wants to become a model. We had a great time photographing for her modeling portfolio and got some awesome photos of this Nubian princess.

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