June 1, 2017 Mike Beltrametti

11 memorable events in your life you will wish you captured in photographs

Professional photography is not just for your wedding day. Here is my list of eleven events in your life you will wish you captured in photographs. 

1. You in the flush of youth 

“Oh, sweet youth, how soon it fades! Sweet joys of youth, how fleeting” (Thomas Moore).

Youth is beautiful but very brief and capturing that beauty professionally is something every woman wishes she had done. Those mobile phone pictures just don’t do women justice.

I understand that few young adults can afford a professional photoshoot on their own so sharing a shoot with mum or with a couple of friends can bring the cost down. You can always ask for a deal.

The flush of youth is an ephemeral time in our lives and should definitely be captured in nice photographs before the worries of adult life leave their permanent mark on the face. This is my number one life event that must be photographed and preserved forever.

2. Those first months of your budding love

Falling in love is the most exciting thing that can happen to us! That incredible feeling of loving and being loved, especially the first couple of months when you are still swooning, is definitely worth capturing. Those adoring gazes is something we all wish we could have caught in photos even if it is just to remind him or her how much you once worshiped each other.

We can all dream of keeping that kind of love for our whole life! Surprise your love with a photoshoot. There is no better way to keep your relationship strong than by being fresh. Keep surprising each other!

3. Your engagement

Engagement photography is something many miss out on in favour of a wedding photographer. It is less formal but just as beautiful. Going out into nature and doing a beautiful shoot on the beach or amongst the trees or at a garden or any other place you love to hang out together really lets photographers create timeless images of your young love. Professional pics of him on his knees or however he pops the greatest question of all, is priceless. Use these photos to make the announce to your family and friends.

4. Your pregnancy

Women never look as full and flushed and gorgeous as when they are creating Life! Those beautiful artsy maternity shots you so love are totally doable even if you do not feel beautiful yourself. My wife brought three children into this world and I know about the discomforts women experience during their pregnancy.

Trust me years down the track you will be happy that you captured this precious time in your life and be grateful for the lovely photos you have.

5. The first month with your newborn

Those first weeks of being with the newborn are perfect for capturing amazing baby photos.

Newborns are mostly sleeping and let photographers pose them and dress them in cute clothes all whilst looking extremely serene. These photos will always put a smile on your face and warm your heart! So don’t forget to book a photoshoot for the first month of your baby’s life.

6. Your young family

Time flies for us all and it is by how fast our kids sprout that we realise how fleeting life is and how precious and short our time together. Don’t regret not booking a professional photoshoot with your family to capture your quirkiness or to do a lifestyle shoot and tie you all together in your uniqueness.

7. Before they fly the nest (your teens)

They want to be hanging out with us less and less as they enter into young adulthood. They have their own thing going on now and we cease to be cool. We may even be fighting with them a bit more nowadays but having one thing that we can do together to create a lasting memory is something they and us will never forget.

A photoshoot is a beautiful way to bond with your daughter at least. Boys are mostly lukewarm about photoshoots but a mother daughter shoot is a perfect way to show your love and acknowledge her budding womanhood. Of course if you can still compel your teens to join the whole family in a photoshoot you will not have to wait too many years before you look on them with tears in your eyes.

8. Your 50 and fabulous

“Happily there exists more than one kind of beauty. There is the beauty of infancy, the beauty of youth; the beauty of maturity, and, believe me, ladies and gentlemen, the beauty of age”. (George Augustus Henry Sala)

Women always do a photoshoot either as young girls or as young women but what about as mature women? They still have so much beauty plus more confidence, wisdom and understanding than ever. This is the time to do the 50 and fabulous shoot and rediscover just how beautiful you still are. Too many forget that fact amongst the raising of family, running of relationships and business as they steer the ship through the storms of life.

It’s time to remember yourself! Pamper yourself with a beautifully tailored photoshoot that will prove to you there are still a lot of great times ahead!

9. You with grandchildren

Kids and babies are such a joy, especially if you can give them back! Seeing the next generation come along and knowing you are in them, your eyes, mouth or even mannerisms makes you fall in love with the little rascals.

Having photos with your grandparents is something we all need. I loved my grandparents and I wish I had photos with them to go with the memories and the stories about them I hear at family gatherings. My nonno was a real character and I loved him dearly yet no photo of me and him exists anywhere. Don’t let that happen to you.

10. Reinventing yourself

Having to start over again can be daunting, even scary. Doing it in style gives you the confidence to step out into the world anew and own it. Be it a break up, a crisis, a new beginning of any kind really, if you are unhappy where you were then a fresh start can work wonders for your morale. Go find that new dress, get your makeup done, style your hair, capture it in beautiful photos and hang them on your wall to remind yourself every day that you are fabulous and that you deserve to be happy.

11. Possessions (for men or women)

When you slave and save for years to buy yourself that dream car, boat or motorbike then you should organise a professional to take those slick high-key shots of you with your dream-machine.

A photo of you squatting next to your Harley-Davidson, lit up with two Profoto flashes to overpower the sun, looks absolutely magnificent! Or your polished beast with a model leaning up against it, good enough for a calendar!  Capture your pride and joy and put it on your wall.


There are many moments in life that are worth photographing. People use mobile phones to capture the first steps of their child, their good times with friends, birthday parties etc. But some life events need to be taken to the next level and photographed by a professional.

Did any events described above resonate with you? What would be your top 3 events to be professionally captured?


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