Below is our price guide for studio photo sessions and artworks.

Please visit our  “Specials” page as we sometimes discount our session or artwork prices.

Call to discuss on location sessions as their prices depend on location (luxury hotel, natural wonder etc.).

Need any further information? Call Anna on 0433375749 or fill out our contact form in the footer of this page.


Photography prices

At your reveal session you will get to view and physically hold up to 30 (8×12″) printed images from your session. We found that it is easier for our clients to make selections this way without feeling overwhelmed as opposed to a cinematic viewing where you only get to see one photo at a time.

Choosing your favorite images is the hardest part of your photo shoot experience (and also a very exciting one) and we want to make it as easy and stress free as possible for you.

If you decide to purchase a folio of 8×12″ images you can do so on your reveal day.

If you would like a canvas/acrylic or a framed print we’ll take the order on the day and your products will be available for pick up once they are ready (time frame depends on the products you purchase).

The price guide for the artworks is below. There is NO minimum purchase on artworks. Our focus is your satisfaction therefore we do not put pressure on our clients to buy more.

Photography products and prices

Photography products and prices


Here are some ideas for displaying your wall art.