Corporate photographerCorporate portraiture

Business portrait photographer

If you need a strong portrait for your Brand or your personal page we can do that for you with flair. Don’t just get a standard passport type photo to represent yourself, get one of our beautiful yet strong portraits that gives your picture depth and feeling. If you’re an actor in need of a clean picture of yourself we can give you all that you require!

Preparation and photoshoot

Come Photo-ready or we can do your hair and make-up. The choice is yours! Once you are shoot ready we choose one of our many hand painted Oliphant style backdrops and decide on the lighting, artificial or natural, depending on your requirements. We can also shoot on location, in your headquarters, at a café or in the comfort of your own home. Personal branding is increasingly important, you only get one shot at a first impression. What does your picture say about you? Does it accurately reflect who you are and what you represent? Does it say about your business  what you want it to say? These are important considerations.

Finished product

Within 24 hours you will receive 6 colour adjusted and professionally retouched photos of your choice. Both, high and low resolution images will be emailed to you for your immediate use. To enquire more call Mike on 0401 849 569 or fill out our “Design your portrait session” form.